EXTRA 260 firmy CARDEN

Here are a few photos of my Extra 260 from Carden, which is being built for me by a certain American.

It was supposed to be ready in September 2007, but there was a slight delay, and I’m now due to receive it around May 2008. This is by far the best competition model in the 150 cc class. It is not too expensive, costing around $1200, but there are very few specialists in the US (literally four or five) who are able to build it correctly and well. This explains the long wait.

It is practically impossible to buy one of these models either new or second-hand; even if someone was selling one it would be quickly snapped up by a modeller among his friends. In any case, why would you want to sell a model that flies so superbly – you won’t find a better one.

More pictures shortly...

Kolejne zdjęcia Extry, wygląda na to, że model prawie gotowy.

More photos of the Extra – it looks like the model is almost ready.

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