About me

My life changed on a particular winter day of the (exceptional) year 2000.

While taking a break from skiing on the Alpine mountain-sides,
I went shopping with my wife.
When I saw an aircraft model in one of the shop-windows, the dreams of flying from childhood days came alive again.
I've bought the assembly kit immediately, taking for an excuse (both for my wife and myself) the fact that I'm doing this for my son. After my return, the winter evenings were filled with joy of building the model.

Fortunately, I've took a heed of the advices of people with previous experience in this field, so I didn't try to "test-drive" the model. I took a series of lessons on flight simulator first, later I flew it with instructor and finally, after some time, I made my first flights on my own.
I can't compare the sheer joy of flying the models with anything else. I've became addicted to flying. And just like any other addiction, it made a big impact on my life.

Like in the case of the childhood illnesses, which have harder course in adult life, my new passion was also very strong. My company was first to suffer, because I dedicate less time and attention to it. My employees suffer, but I'm happy.
Aerobatics turn me on. I try to learn from masters and my more experienced friends. Thanks to innate ambition and perseverance (that's what my closest friends say about me) I've managed to reach quite a decent skill. I went through a lot of models, progressively switching to bigger and better machines.
The accidents and crashes were, of course, inevitable, yet I've amassed a collection of older models, which went on "retirement" without crashes.

For a few years I was flying only on my own field, accompanied by no-one but my friends. At first, ambition and modesty didn't let me show my skills in front of a wider audience. In 2004 I took a part in an air show for the first time. It turned out, that the stress tied to the show did not paralyze me - quite on the contrary, it encouraged me to perform aerobatics, which I considered too risky when flying on my field.

They liked me, I've got a cup (now, apart from the collection of porcelain elephants from all around the world, I've also a shelf dedicated to cups) and I'm getting invited on various air shows. My friends encourage me to take part in international, more prestigious tournaments.
It's hard for me to decide. I'm afraid of the competition of "the young ones", who fly from their childhood days. Yet I may still change my mind. Go ahead, write to me, meet me on the air shows (whose dates will be posted on my website).


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